Never knew how many documents are needed for a journey with your own motorbike if you want to go far.

It’s not just a valid passport and all the visa required to enter certain countries. We even got a 2nd passport to be able to apply for certain visas during the trip and still hold a valid passport with ourselves.

It is also a so called „Carnet de Passage“ which you apply for at your local Automobil Club while you put down a deposit at the organisation. Actually quite a big amount of €€€. Being a requirement to enter Iran and India with the bikes, this document shall prove that after exporting your bike you’ll bring it back to your country of origin. Hence you need to get a stamp at the borders requiring the CdP for entering in order to get your money back from the organisation once your motorbike is back in your country, in our case Germany. There are very specific rules on how to get stamped in/stamped out in the Carnet de Passage and how to get it filled out during the trip.


Further the international drivers license, international documents for the vehicle, health insurance, Fan-ID for Russia, etc are needed.

For China we are not sure yet what is needed however it seems you have to organize a guide which will accompany us on our way to Nepal and also organizes needed licenses for this part of the trip.


Actually it’s not only the documents, but also vaccinations, private health insurance and technical docuements for the bikes.


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