The World Cup in Russia

We hold tickets for 7 games for the World Cup 2018 in Russia so we were super excited for the draw. Hoping to see the teams like Brazil, Spain, Argentina, England or Germany of course…

As we had to apply for the tickets according to our route through Russia we were not really flexible, neither can you manipulate the draw – well some people might be able – however we weren’t… so for now we will attend the following matches:

Match 4: Morocco Vs Iran Saint in St. Petersburg

Match 15: Poland vs Senegal in Moscow

Match 19: Portugal vs Marocco in Moscow

Match 29: Belgium vs Tunisia in Moscow

Match 47: Japan vs Poland in Volgograd

Match 54: last 16 in Rostov on Don

Match 59: last 8 in Sotchi

We are super excited to be part of one of the biggest sport events worlwide. Be part of the special mood as people from all over the world come together and have a part from sportive competetion a big party as well!

For the moment we are still not having any information when we will receive our tickets. Having two more weeks here in Hamburg we doubt tickets will arrive in time before heading East…

Things will work out anyways. At least we received our Fan-ID which is needet to get access to the venues but also to enter Russia on a visitor visa.


Ready to go!



Instagram: jendrik_rigley

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