Cappadocia laid back

Alive and not shot by a pheasant hunter at night we started early for one of Turkey’s most famous sights. The fairy chimneys supposed to be magical and turned our to really be stunning. Not only that these softly shaped stone formations and caves indeed look like from a fairy tale, these attraction is exactly how we like sightseeing. Sure, tourists everywhere but the chance for us to enjoy everything without lining up, obstacle running through sluggish Brits, posing Italians or photographing Japanese or without being asked by a „take-a-picture-with-a-parrot-on-your-shoulder“ guy. Sure we could have gone into a museum but honestly, these pictures show everything.





The ride away from this area was also brilliant. The highlight on our way to Konya was our mandatory watermelon-break. This time we switched to a honey melon and it was worth it. We’ll miss that so badly, even though we don’t know how long we can keep this tradition alive. Food, laundry and a stroll over the bazaar of Konya.

We didn’t do much as we just looked forward to what we had planned next. After 30 consecutive nights in 30 different places we just wanted to park the bikes for 2 nights and come down. Alanya seemed to be a good place for that. Direct way over a beautiful mountain road the Mediterranean Sea appeared ahead of us. Our plan to walk in to any random hotel and get a room for three nights didn’t work out that well. On the paper already in low season we didn’t expect to get only one room for one night in the fifth hotel we asked. At least our Russian skills helped us when talking to the hotel staff and guests as they were almost entirely Russians. Already after dinner we stated that we couldn’t stand such all inclusive hotels for longer than a day our two. Not our style of vacation. Lessons learned. We booked a more cosy hotel for two nights in 130 kilometers away Antalya in advance but had to move the bikes again the next day. It would have been a short trip, if we haven’t met Arif. A 55 years old Turk on his brand new Honda African Twin. He used to ride Daniel’s Super Tenere for 26 years and over 500.000 kilometers. The mileage of Daniel’s bike is 47.000 kilometers. We could easily extends our trip – or better our bikes could 😉

The two days really gave us what we needed. Beach and pool time and some beers more than the one we usually just have maximum an evening.

And surely enough time to think about the route out of Turkey. Afraid of rain or the weather getting worse we decided to stay in the south as long as possible and take the ferry to Greece. Luckily the direct way to Cesme let us pass Pamukkale, an astonishing formation of pools caved into white limestone that really looks like snow covered hills from certain points of view. Unfortunately we weren’t able to avoid the Japanese, Italians, Brits, Germans, Turks, Americans, French, etc.





One last stop overnight before taking the ferry was on a wonderful campground near Selçuk. A randomly chosen spot revealed to have a beautiful castle, several old buildings and also hosted a „music and dance festival“ that night. The two stages even let us hear every single word and tone one kilometer away on the camp ground. Unfortunately the muezzin of the nearby mosque didn’t visit the festival and created a hideous mix of sounds with his prayer.

The further we travelled west, the greener the environment became and the several bays along the cost to Cesme were tempting to stay longer. But maybe Greece also offers such opportunities to us. Ferry tickets booked and the return to the European Union was sealed. Exiting Turkey here was equally confusing than exiting Iran but finally the small ferry took us and the bikes to Chios where we transferred to a huge overnight ferry to Piräus.


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