Kalimera! 🇬🇷

Taking the ferry to Piräus in Greece we were able to get a bit of sleep placing our iso mat on the ground between the seats on the big ferry. It worked quite ok. Waking up around 6 in the morning hoping for our bikes were still upright in the deck as we didn’t get to tow them but the ferry guys promised they would. They did well and we were good to go, heading straight to the first coffee shop and to the landmark and UNESCO world heritage site of the Akropolis. We parked the bikes right in front of the stairs leading up the hill. That’s another fun fact, traveling with motorbikes: there is always a parking spot right in front of everything for you 😀

We were one of the first people on top before all the tourist busses arrived. Witnessing the huge line on front of the ticket office when we were coming down around 8:30am one can only imagine how crowded it would be later that day.

Starting to drive west bound, we had our next stop planned in Olimpia the ancient city and another UNESCO world heritage site in Greece. We went for a hotel and a good sleep after the long but stunning ride straight through the most western of the Greek main islands and the rather short night on the boat. Beautiful windy roads passing through little cosy villages and very rarely a car has been seen. So nice and now we realised so green nature and agriculture everywhere.

During our lunch break we met two other bikers, Spyros and Nikos with their Hondas who gave us valuable tips for riding the motorbike in Greece and showed us nice routes. Always good to meet local people and inside hints. Was great chatting with these dudes and further they told us there are good shops for servicing our bikes in Patra as we urgently need to get the oil changed.

Visiting Olimpia and the museums around was the first thing to do the next morning and of course we had to do some exercises in the one and only Olimpic stadium.

Around midday we left and drove off, again via beautiful roads and a few off-road adventures to Patras, found the garage of drag-bike who immediately got the right oil for our bikes and did the change too. Thanks lads!

Perfectly set we drove off to spent the night at a camp spot near the bridge connecting to the Greek mainland. A beer at the beach and a dip in the sea, first rain during our trip with heavy thunderstorms in the evening, meeting two other well traveled bikers and sharing some stories at dinner later, summarises the rest of the evening.

Another swim in the sea in the morning, another great ride through Greece (we have to say, it doesn’t matter where you drive the motorbike in Greece, it is always fantastic – we will be back some day) to Kanali, passing a few stunning lakes in the mountains, another campground, another Tavern, a huge turtle in the sea and again typical Greek dishes in the evening. So tasty.

The next day our Greek adventure was about to expire as the border crossing to Albania was due. We made it fairly smooth and chilled to the 16th country during our trip.

Follow our route here.

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