Coming Home

It felt awkward to be honest. Not just the fact to losing my fellow travel buddy for company also the feeling on the bike is way different and shouldn’t be underestimated. The communication in the crazy traffic of persian and southern european streets has been very important and would have been great help on the roads to Hungary too. Now there was music on the headphones of my helmet instead and the side road apart from the toll roads challenged me already. Trucks, wind, cold and rain didn’t make me feeling more comfortable on the bike and the thought of not making it to Hungary and stopping right away that day arose several times. After gearing up with all clothes available in my boxes weather changed immediately and the playlist spitted out the songs I needed for keep rolling. Even the sun decided to take me to southern Zagreb suburbs to get late lunch at McDonald’s. Not that Jendrik and I are regulars at McDonald’s back home but we kind of craved for it since the world cup in the beginning of July. I ordered and enjoyed my meal as I received a picture from Jendrik’s bike in front of McD. In mind we’re still travelling together 🙂


This gave me a boost and the trip to Hungary ran pretty smooth. The border seemed as if I wasn’t supposed to stop but the picture had to be taken. The quick chat with the border guard was pleasant and I made it to the gas station with the last drops of gas in my tank. Almost 20 Cents per liter are worth the risk 😉 I reached the camp ground happy that it was still opened and set up my tent in the spacious and wonderful garden. I took my bike for buying some groceries. The coldest night of the trip with 1° under zero was also the last night in our beloved tent. To warm up again I went for a jog to Nagykanizsa in the morning before I left for Budapest.


The cold temperatures of the night let the aging battery suffer and forced me to get help to get the engine running. Some construction workers around pushed my bike an me until the engine started. They made a good job and enjoyed the package of cookies at lunch for sure. The daily etap named Budapest as goal for the day. On the way alongside Balaton we passed the 20.000 kilometers on this tour – made me proud.

Driving into Budapest kissed by the sun is fantastic. I started with a traditional Hungarian dish and checked in to a small hotel slightly outside town. Without any map or mobile I went running the next morning. That showed me that this town is really huge. 15k and totally knackered was the result. Is there enough energy for getting to Slovakia? I can say it was. Even enough energy to drive up to the Liberty statue overseeing the entire city.

It was slighty warmer that day and it felt like flying towards the border. The curvy roads along the border on Slovakian side are a blast and my bike and I treated them well. I pointed out the beautiful village Brzno south of Národný national park to sleep over to have a decent chunk of kilometers ahead of me to reach Krakow by tomorrow. The communication with Jakub, who rented out his well equipped garden summerhouse, was difficult, but the hospitality and friendliness of him and his wife don’t need any words – just lovely.

Tricky weather conditions made the trip into Poland a bit difficult but getting to Krakow was the most important goal of the day. Now is the time to write why Jendrik and I took different routes in Croatia. I was in Krakow for a good friend’s stack night the whole weekend. I let these days uncommented and had to pull myself together to be fit for the last two days of this awesome trip.

I decided to stopover in Berlin and get to Hamburg the next day. It’s astonishing how your body follows when your mind says „let’s go home as fast as possible“. Jendrik showed it a couple of days ago and I also made it to Hamburg in one rush. 923 kilometers that day and almost 21.500 kilometers in total.


This was a trip I’ll never forget. I’ll take so much from this endeavor when it comes to people, camaraderie, travelling, motor biking and much more. The next trip is coming for sure 🙂


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