Dresden to Špindlerův Mlýn

May 22nd – 24th

We had a fun filled 3 days stay in Dresden – thanks again to Intigam – and left in the early morning to go to Špindlerův Mlýn in Czech Republic.

However as the Teneré respective Daniel wasn’t 100% satisfied with the set-up of the air box and the current air filters he decided to pass by a dealership for motorbike parts in Dresden first. Unfortunately the needed filter wasn’t on stock. About 10 calls later we learnt that all over Sachsen there is no filter available.

We parked our bikes next to the car workshop Autoservice Petters in Dresden when the owner passed by to have a chat…

He offered, knowing about the issue of the missing air filters that we can use his workshop. Another two hours later Daniel made customised lids for the two existing filters made from metal from a BMW M3 – yeah!

Another hour later these were fitted in the Teneré, tested and approved. The bike is running smooth again and we finally left Dresden at around 2 in the afternoon.

Nice roads in the Elbsandsteingebirge, from Bad Schandau to the Czech border and in the Riesengebirge we arrived in Špindlerův Mlýn around 8 at night. No campground, no hotel, no hostel where open anymore but luckily we met Mathy who offered us his room while he moved to a friends place. Lucky us.

The next day we planned to go to the river head of the Elbe river. The weather forecast wasn’t the best – and it was true. Thunder and rain showed up, right when we arrived the base of the mountain Medvedin to hike to the Pramen Labe, the spring of the Elbe.

Stubborn, as we wanted to see the river head we bought a lift card to go further up and to hike the last 6,5km… but the rain got stronger and should stay until 1pm. After having a short stop on top of the mountain we decided to hike anyways. After around 1,5hrs we arrived almost without any rain at the spring! Lucky again.

Nice to see the first milestone of our trip, we had a small lunch and were back on the motorbikes another 3 hours later. Tired but happy we booked another night over here in a small hotel and will start a 336km journey tomorrow to Katowice/Poland where we will stay for a few days!

Check out our route, we are constantly updating.

Tour kicked off well

May 17th to 21th – Hamburg to Dresden

Months of preparation are behind of us and finally we started our roadie in Hamburg-Poppenbüttel!

What a feeling! Finally on the road again, finally travelling again, excited for the adventures still to come!

Our first stop was Geesthacht were we had a nice Backfisch, sitting at a nice place next to the Elbe river. Our starting point for the first part of our trip as we are heading to the source of the Elbe river at the Czech/Polish border.

Next stop was in Tangermünde where we set up our brand new touring tent for the first time at campground next to a lake with hundreds of frogs… quite a loud night though.

A bit tired we drove on beautiful roads through the forests and many little towns in the North-Eastern part of Germany to Leipzig where we visited the city a bit, bought some equipment we forgot and after a nice Czech beer we had a good sleep in a cool Airbnb in central Leipzig.

Since two days we are in cosy Freital next to Dresden. It was a nice and smooth ride on beautiful windy roads on a couple of smaller mountains, always with Elbe river next to us. Passing through picturesque Meissen, famous for its Porzelan manufacturing and old houses.

In Freital we were very welcomed by our good friend Intigam who lets us sleep in his caravan and showed us around in his hometown. After visiting Dresden, having good food and watched the DFB cup final, the next day we had a nice open air party:

Good people around, nice music, fantastic weather and many drinks!

Today it’s time to chill out, exploring the city of Dresden a bit more and just relax before we are driving to Spindlermühle in Czech Republic, the place where the Elbe source is located.

Check out our route, we are constantly updating.

Rambazamba – Danke!

Vielen Dank an Euch alle die ihr trotz kurzfristiger Verlegung zu einem super Chill/Grill/Drink Rambazamba im Unnapark bei herrlichem Sonnenschein und einer lauen Frühlingsnacht beigetragen habt!

Alle die, die dieses Mal nicht dabei sein konnten…. nächsten Sommer gibts eine Wiederholung.

Ohne Grund, einfach weil es Laune gemacht hat!


Our bikes are good to go. Sure.

But wouldn’t it be nice to have some comfort during the trip? And add some safety features? And last but not least to have some knowledge about your bike?

The Tenerè is a well equipped bike already however additional light, heated grips, a USB hub for mobile and the new navigation have been mounted four weeks ago. A new chain, some minor fixings and the TÜV certification have also been made in a garage, due to time issues. Some additional storage options will finalise the works on the Tenere and make it ready for the road.

The parts for the BMW have already arrived and mounted right away. Higher windshield, hand guards, crash bars, navigation and additional light make the BMW complete.

The World Cup in Russia

We hold tickets for 7 games for the World Cup 2018 in Russia so we were super excited for the draw. Hoping to see the teams like Brazil, Spain, Argentina, England or Germany of course…

As we had to apply for the tickets according to our route through Russia we were not really flexible, neither can you manipulate the draw – well some people might be able – however we weren’t… so for now we will attend the following matches:

Match 4: Morocco Vs Iran Saint in St. Petersburg

Match 15: Poland vs Senegal in Moscow

Match 19: Portugal vs Marocco in Moscow

Match 29: Belgium vs Tunisia in Moscow

Match 47: Japan vs Poland in Volgograd

Match 54: last 16 in Rostov on Don

Match 59: last 8 in Sotchi

We are super excited to be part of one of the biggest sport events worlwide. Be part of the special mood as people from all over the world come together and have a part from sportive competetion a big party as well!

For the moment we are still not having any information when we will receive our tickets. Having two more weeks here in Hamburg we doubt tickets will arrive in time before heading East…

Things will work out anyways. At least we received our Fan-ID which is needet to get access to the venues but also to enter Russia on a visitor visa.


Ready to go!



Never knew how many documents are needed for a journey with your own motorbike if you want to go far.

It’s not just a valid passport and all the visa required to enter certain countries. We even got a 2nd passport to be able to apply for certain visas during the trip and still hold a valid passport with ourselves.

It is also a so called „Carnet de Passage“ which you apply for at your local Automobil Club while you put down a deposit at the organisation. Actually quite a big amount of €€€. Being a requirement to enter Iran and India with the bikes, this document shall prove that after exporting your bike you’ll bring it back to your country of origin. Hence you need to get a stamp at the borders requiring the CdP for entering in order to get your money back from the organisation once your motorbike is back in your country, in our case Germany. There are very specific rules on how to get stamped in/stamped out in the Carnet de Passage and how to get it filled out during the trip.


Further the international drivers license, international documents for the vehicle, health insurance, Fan-ID for Russia, etc are needed.

For China we are not sure yet what is needed however it seems you have to organize a guide which will accompany us on our way to Nepal and also organizes needed licenses for this part of the trip.


Actually it’s not only the documents, but also vaccinations, private health insurance and technical docuements for the bikes.

ADAC Driving and Safety Training

…. happened yesterday 14th April.

As I am a newbie on the motorbike I am glad that one of my birthday presents had been a driving & safety training at the ADAC Hansa premises around Lüneburg in Northern Germany.

It probably has been the worst day this April so far, climate wise. However even better to practice certain break-, driving- & handling-techniques with our bikes during these bad weather conditions.

After the welcome in the morning and a short theoretical lesson we started on the course with break techniques and how to ride the perfect curve on different grounds as sand, gravel, cobblestones and wet tar. We went onto the off-road track, had a few rounds on the race track, drove into serpentines, sharp curves, practiced start/stop at a hill, and many more exercises.

In between we had stops to discuss, report and ask questions regarding the different tasks and exercises to our trainer.

It was a fun-filled day, we got a lot of input and got to know our bikes even better.

We came back to Hamburg around 6 in the evening. Happy, tired and very wet from the constant rain.

Thanks again Uwe Tobian, our coach and the friendly group for an intense, cheerful and interesting day!

Our mission – India 2018

Hi it’s Jendrik and Daniel.

We are two mates knowing each other for almost 30 years. And we have a big challenge ahead of us: a road trip with our motorbikes for more than 12.000km

Few years ago, to me more as a joke, Daniel mentioned that he would like to go from our hometown Hamburg in Germany to India with a motorbike!

Crazy, but yeah, why not!?

In 2016 we met up again in Australia for a few weeks of road tripping the Australian East coast. He again came up with this idea for the trip to India – and more in a happy mood I agreed to go with him. Only problem at that time: I have been living in Australia and didn’t even have a motorbike license yet and not to mention, a motorbike.

In 2017 I came back to Germany, went through the driving lessons, got my license and in August the same year bought a BMW F650GS from 2004.

Daniel on the other hand is well ahead, having the license since 2009 and his Yamaha Super Teneré from 1998 is well prepared, after he invested big numbers of hours preparing, equipping and tuning it and still doing so.

During our youth days we have been driving around with our Piaggios Ciao and 3,4HP! Now a bit more power, a bit more knowledge and a bit more further destinations!

We will start our trip in May 2018 heading to Eastern Europe cutting into St. Petersburg to visit the first of in total 7 games during the FIFA World Cup in Russia and keep going South-East to India.

The route is not 100% finalized, but the final destination is India.

With this WordPress Blog we would like to keep our friends, family and anyone who is interested up to date with the progress, pictures, videos and hope to keep everyone entertained!